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About Sahapan Group

The Center of Integrity
and Peace

"Customers are the sick and sufferings.
We will not profiteer on them."


Our business was established in 1937, during the time of World War II in Phitsanulok, the northern part of Thailand. In Chinese language “Chaozho,” we are known as “Dong Hua Dueng,” meaning “The Center of Integrity and Peace”.

We run Thai-Chinese herbal medicine business and pharmacy under the philosophy “Customers are the sick and sufferings. We will not profiteer on them.”

This concept has been passed along and practiced since. At present, Dong Hua Dueng continues to operate under the Thai name, “Sahapan Pharmacy.” As our company continue to grow, our business expands to distributing beverages, such as Singha Beer, under the name “Sahapan Trading Service.”

Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Later in 1978, we expanded our business to Bangkok, starting with cosmetics for health. With the brand name “Ioderm” and “Kolbadent,” distributing cool herbal powder, hygiene cool soap and Thai herbal toothpaste. These products are under the manufacturer and distributor of Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

The company is committed to creating high quality products for Thai people. Research are conducted and new products are developed to continuously meet consumer needs, along with market expansion to Indochina.


Over the past 70 years, Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
has been operating with determination, integrity and fairness, with the clear vision of being the qualitative products company.
Our original intention is to raise people’s living quality.
We have been trusted by the society for generations as the company keeps moving forward, alongside Thai people for everyone and the world’s mutual benefits.



Originally found in 1937, ‘ Sahapan Pharmacy’
has been the center of Thai-Chinese medicine in Northern Thailand since.
Today, our pharmacy shops supply both traditional and modern medicines.

Its Chinese name, ” Tong Hua Tung”, means “the center of honesty and peacefulness”, is our guiding business philosophy.


Sahapan Group (Thailand) Company Limited, established in 1978, carry on our ancestor’s wisdom of knowledge assets in herbal extraction and adapt them into the healthy and hygenic products with therapeutic properties and natural values. Our products are certified with international standards.


Sahapan Group (Thailand) Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of various health and beauty products ie. herbal toothpaste, natural soap, talcum powder under the brand name of Kolbadent, IODERM, and GumAlive”

Aiming for a 100-year organization,
creating quality of life through products
for sustainable health.

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