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Get to know Thai herbs for toothbrush replacement. Helps nourish gums and teeth

Khoi, medicinal plants, Thai herbs, not used to make toothbrushes Nourish the heart Local herbs Well-known in Thai society, it is an ornamental wood dwarf. The branches of Ton Khoi are used instead of toothpaste. Khoi’s rubber is made into insecticides. Khoi wood is also used to make paper. For Thai society, believe that Ton Khoi Is a sacred plant Can help to chase evil things out of the house. For today, we will come to know about Khoi. What kind of herbs are these medicinal properties?

Ton Khoi is a perennial plant with an English name, Toothbrush tree. The scientific name of Ton Khoi is Streblus asper Lour. Other names of Khoi trees, such as quacking, shredding, orange Mr, Mr. Som, etc., are in the same plant as jackfruit.

Characteristics of Ton Khoi

Khoi tree is a small perennial plant. Height, not more than 15 meters, originated in the South East Asia region And in Thailand For the extension of the Khoi tree, popular use of cuttings And seeding The stems and branches of the Khoi tree can be bent and can be bent. There is a thin, rough skin that has a thick, white, sticky appearance. It will seep out the bark of the tree and the branches will come out. Is a single leaf, alternating according to the branches of the Khoi tree, the leaves have a rough surface, green, thick leaves, the appearance of the leaves are oval and pointed. The flowers of the Khoi tree will bloom as a bouquet. The flowers are white and yellow. Which the flowers will leave at the end of the branches and the axillary leaves. Fresh fruits are green. The result is yellow. Within the seeds Pepper seed size

Properties of Ton Khoi

For the benefit of Ton Khoi Can be used in all parts of the tree, from roots, bark, branches, wood, and seeds.

King of Ton Khoi Used instead of a toothbrush Helps to make the teeth strong, the teeth do not decay, not toothache
The bark of the Khoi tree has an astringent and bitter taste. It can help cure wounds and diarrhea. Helps nourish the elements in the body, nourish the heart, help reduce fever, kill microorganisms. Treatment of skin parasites
The rubber of Ton Khoi Has properties to help digest milk
The root of the Khoi tree has an astringent and bitter taste. Can be used to heal wounds. Is a heart tonic to cure diphtheria, treat bone disease Nerve pain Tendon pain relief Used to kill parasites, cure cough, expectorant, cure sore throat, cure gum, cure toothache
Khoi’s wood Can be used to treat rhinitis
Khoi’s leaves are astringent and can be drunk. Is a mild laxative Helps relieve menstrual cramps, cure kidney disease, drive milk, cure dysentery, help expel flatulence, cure flatulence, cure cough, expectorate, cure sore throat, cure gum, cure toothache.
Khoi’s seeds have a taste, they are drunk Properties for appetite Is an elixir Helps disinfect the oral and gastrointestinal tract, helps expel flatulence, cure cough, expectorant cure, sore throat, gum treatment, toothache
The effect of Khoi trees is sweet, has a drunken and hot effect. Properties Help nourish the wasting element, expel the elixir.

Precautions for using herbs

Khoi extracts are toxic. If injected into the blood vessels Will affect the work of the muscles and heart, including the blood pressure, Can cause death There was a chemical bite from the Khoi tree and brought to trial with rats. Found that mice had seizures and died from the above Khoi has drunkenness if used improperly, it can be life-threatening.

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