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“We are committed to producing quality food products which are; Safe for consumers, Delivered on time, Maintain a sustainable development especially in innovation and production standards in order to achieve customer satisfaction. We are caring for the environment and pay attention to employees as well as personnel in the value chain.”
-Policy from Sahapan Century Management-

Sahapan Century Co.,Ltd. is a food processing manufacturer who produces (1) Ready-to-eat food in the retort pouch and (2) Instant food/drink powder. We provide comprehensive services for every food entrepreneur, from a laboratory prototype developing to an industrial scale mass production. Moreover, the FDA registration services are also provided. Consequently, all our processed food products are effectively distributed and commercialized.

Our story

     “Sahapan Century Co., Ltd.” is a subsidiary of “Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” who manufactured and distributed herbal extract products (i.e., sanitary cooling powder, herbal toothpaste, natural wax soap) under the trademark namely “Kolbadent” and “Ioderm” since 1978. Sahapan Group has specialized in applying medical & herbal knowledges to the consumer products, and distribute in Thailand and foreign markets such as Myanmar, Laos, Africa, etc.

     With over 45 years in business operations, Sahapan Group was seeking new opportunities by utilizing its herbal knowledge and expanding its current business to the food processing industry. Therefore, Sahapan Century Co., Ltd. was established in early 2011 and officially operated in 2012 with a specific purpose to operate food business. Sahapan Century acquires production standards namely HACCP, GHP, HALAL and is currently in the process of registering FSSC22000 which is expected to be completed within 2024. Our core production technologies are (1) Ready-to-eat (RTE) food in a heat-resistant container i.e., Retort Pouch. Under this technology line, we produce RTE food products for our own brands (“O’rice” and “Soupturday”) and the products for our partners – OEM brands, namely “Picnic Baby”, “Pola Pola”, “By Bua”, “Blendee Quik” etc. Moreover, our manufacturer facilities also cover (2) Food & Drink instant powder. We produce OEM instant drink product brand “Imo Imo”.

Industrial Satandard

Brands and products we produce

“Soupturday” is Ready-to-eat organic rice soup, a new rice product to the food market. Instead of flour base soup, we propose a variety of organic rice as the fundamental base of each cream soup. Every portion is cooked in a fine-dining style, offers a unique taste of soup, and enriches its functional value with various superfood ingredients. All of our precious soups are produced with care in a hygiene process, sterilized and packed every serve in a retort pouch. Three of specialty menus are currently launching, namely (1) Riceberry rice soup with mixed berries, (2) Brown hom mari rice soup with salmon and quinoa, and (3) RD 43 rice soup with curcumin and butternut squash.

Regarding the ancient mystery since the Buddha era, the original recipe of “Mathupayas rice” has been reviewed as a combination among “rice”, “cow milk”, and “honey”. “O’Rice” extended and developed this sacred recipe by adding various kinds of 100% natural ingredients, such as, jasmine rice, black rice, barley rice, wheat, shredded rice grain, golden bean, millet, and white sesame. Furthermore, the food processing technology is applied to extend its shelf-life. Each single portion is sterilized and packed in a retort pouch. Consequently, an east meets west innovative dish, the modernized multigrains pudding is ready for you to eat. O’rice is a source of good carb and fiber. Besides its convenience, O’rice is also applicable to plenty of menus. For instance, warm/chill eating, adding milk or additional dried fruits. Currently there are 2 flavors for your healthy choices (1) Classic recipe, and (2) Soy milk recipe.

“Picnic Baby” (by Well-Grow Co.,Ltd.) is a brand of ready-to-eat supplementary food for young children aged 6 months to 3 years old. With an enrichment of 100% natural ingredients, each portion provides plenty of nutrients for kids as same as real meals. In addition, with a meticulous production process, the parents can be assured that all Picnic baby food products are prepared with care and hygiene in every single step. More importantly, this ready-to-eat food is very convenient to convey and consume. Just tearing the pouch and eating the cooked food which is inside (Or warm it up by soaking the whole pouch in hot water about 3 minutes). All kids would delight to a variety of Picnic baby food products, 9 recipes are available!!

“Pola Pola” and “By Bua” brands (by TasteMaker Co.,Ltd.) were originated by Thai restaurant named “Bua”. This family & homemade style restaurant inherits its heirloom recipes and operating in food business since 1982. In 2001, Pola Pola was established. It is almost the first restaurant in Thailand who proposes the concept of fusion food between Thai and Italian (Currently, Pola Pola Restaurant has 3 branches; 2 located in Thailand and 1 in Myanmar). To continuous growing in food industry, Pola Pola has been expanded its core business to ready-to-eat (RTE) food segment, especially food in retort pouch products. A variety of menus are provided such as (1) RTE Italian soup (Mushroom soup, Spinach soup, Pumpkin soup, Sweet corn soup, Cauliflower soup, Chicken veloute soup, Clam chowder soup, Potato and leek Soup, etc.), (2) Ready-to-cook pasta sauce (Marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, and Pesto sauce), and (3) Ready-to-cook concentrated Thai curry products (such as Green curry, Massaman curry, Panaeng, Red curry, Yellow curry, Tom kha etc.)

“BlenDee Quick” (by KinYooDee Co.,Ltd.) is a brand of ready-to-eat (RTE) concentrate & blended food which made from real fresh agricultural materials. No synthetic nutrients were added. Accordingly, the nutrition value of natural ingredients is still remained in a proper ratio, such a no difference from daily meal. More importantly, this RTE food is well-prepared and hygiene through the sterilized process. There are 4 formulas available: Salmon recipe, Chicken & fillet recipe, Chicken & tomato recipe, and Plant-based recipe.

Imo Imo brand (by Pantori K Co.,Ltd.), the first Thai entrepreneur who imported purple sweet potato (or Muraski imo) powder from Kumamoto & Kagoshima, Japan to Thailand. Pantori K has been importing and distributing its powder product to the Thai F&B industry since 2015. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Pantori K also imports of many premium ingredients from Japan, such as Kukuto black sugar – a natural sugar made by Japanese local wisdom, Shikuwasa oranges from Okinawa Island, Yuzu oranges from Aichi & Miyazaki, Gyuhi Mochi powder and Kinako beans from Hokkaido, etc. Accordingly, these Japanese premium materials are processed into various types of powdered beverage products at Sahapan Century. 

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